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What are OEM Parts and Why Are They Better?

What are OEM Parts and Why Are They Better?


 At Brenengen Auto Group, we won't just help you find the perfect car. We can also help you find the replacement components and accessories you need. Of course, when we do sell you new parts we're only selling you products that come straight from the manufacturer. The OEM parts available at our Ford service center have some key advantages over generic ones.

Simply put, OEM parts are components that are made by the automaker who manufactured your vehicle. If you're driving a RAM truck, the RAM parts we use when making repairs come right from the source. These parts generally hold up better and serve you more reliably, because when you buy an aftermarket part you don't always know what you're getting. Generic parts come from a wide range of manufacturers and some may be good at what they do, but others are just churning out a cheap component. This results in a part that breaks easily and causes a return trip to the mechanic sooner than you would like.

Aftermarket parts can also be hard to sort through for this reason. There are many manufacturers making these components of varying quality, so how do you know which part is right for your car? Just simplify the process and opt for a dependable part that comes right from the manufacturer of your vehicle.

If you're near Tomah, WI and wondering “Where can I find reliable auto parts stores near me?”, the answer is our service center. We sell official parts for a wide range of models. You can bring in vehicles from a number of different brands and we can find you the reliable OEM components that you need. We make it easy to order specific parts on our website and we even offer frequent specials, so you can save money on the crucial routine maintenance that keeps your car running smoothly. We offer the quality car service you need at the right price.

So visit our GMC dealers in Wisconsin and see how easy it can be to find the genuine car components that you need. With the help of our skilled mechanics, your vehicle will serve you well for a long time to come!