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The Importance of Oil Change Service in Sparta, WI 

The Importance of Oil Change Service in Sparta, WI

Are you looking for a trusted Chevy service or RAM service partner? Brenengen Auto Group is happy to oblige by providing all of your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. Whether you’ve purchased one of our new Chevy cars for sale or any of our other exceptional models, we’re committed to helping you care for it long after your purchase. Automotive services such as oil changes rank high on our priority and expertise list. Stop by soon for your first or next oil change appointment at one of our Wisconsin car dealerships.

Changing Your Oil

Oil changes aren’t complicated, but they’re one of the most important routine maintenance services for your vehicle. Oil plays a critical role in the health of your engine and your entire vehicle. Engine oil ensures that all components are sufficiently lubricated and cooled, and fully functional. Refreshing the oil supply every six months or so helps remove any sludge and dirt and reduces the risks of corrosion or overheating. When you maintain consistent oil change service, you may see better performance and fuel economy from your vehicle. You can also rest easier knowing that your vehicle is safe and the engine parts are running as they should. Turn to our dealership for regular oil changes and top-notch car service near West Salem.

What Happens if You Dont Change Your Oil?

Skipping oil changes as recommended by your vehicle’s owner manual and our service technicians can have devastating effects. The build-up of debris can lead to corrosion, overheating, and an increase in harmful emissions. You could also notice diminished and sluggish driving performance from your car and an increased need to refuel. If oil change frequencies become even less regular, the impact could spread to other parts of your vehicle and lead to costly repairs or even engine failure.

All of these negative side effects are avoidable with consistent oil changes. Our technicians are just a short drive away and can supply the quick and expert service your vehicle needs. It’s easy to stay on track through online appointment scheduling. We also encourage you to take advantage of our regular service specials near Sparta.

Whether you’ve skipped just one oil change appointment or some time has passed, it’s never too late or early to get on the right track at one of our car dealerships in La Crosse, WI.