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How to Sell Your Car at Brenengen Auto


Many drivers may not know this but the car buying process often begins with trading in your first car. Car appraisal is a big deal here at Brenengen Auto, and we work to help all of our local Sparta, WI drivers get a fair value for their trade-in.


When you visit our dealership to purchase a vehicle, you’ll likely want to put forward a down payment. Down payments cover a portion of the car’s value and can improve your auto loan deal and potentially reduce the amount that you’ll need to pay monthly. That said, a down payment can require a hefty sum of money, and many financing experts recommend that down payments amount to roughly 20% of the car’s value. Fortunately, you can avoid the financial issue of paying a lot upfront by trading in your current car.


When trading in your vehicle, it is a good idea to get an understanding of just how much your potential trade-in is worth. The value of vehicles depreciates over time, so it’s good to check and see how much that value has depreciated since your purchase. By doing your research ahead of time you can get a more realistic concept of how much you’ll earn for your trade-in.


Although, it ought to go without saying that our auto dealers and financial experts at Brenengen Auto will ensure that you get a fair and equitable deal on your trade-in. We understand just how complex the car buying and car trade-in process can be and will be your automotive partners so that you can get the deal you deserve.

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