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Why Car Service is Important at Brenengen Auto Group

Car Service

At Brenengen Auto Group, we don't just offer an incredible selection of new Ford cars for sale. Our dealership is also a service center, meaning that we can help drivers here in Sparta, WI and the surrounding areas take great care of their vehicles.

Sticking to a routine maintenance schedule is important for many reasons. Visiting our GMC service center from time to time can actually keep your car safer. Crucial components like tires, brake pads, and headlights all help you stay safe on the road. You need brakes to be responsive, you need tires to offer the right amount of traction, and you need functioning headlights to light your way at night.

Routine maintenance also saves you money. Fixing small things doesn't cost you too much money, and it could end up preventing more expensive problems down the road. Oil changes, for example, are quick and inexpensive. That oil keeps your engine lubricated and running at peak performance. Not getting your oil changed can cause expensive damage, a drop in fuel efficiency, and a variety of other problems that could have been avoided with proper maintenance.

Our Service Center

Our service center should be your first stop for routine maintenance because our skilled mechanics know your vehicle inside and out. They have the experience needed to work with a wide range of vehicles, from RAM trucks and GMC SUVs to Ford cars. It's easy to schedule an appointment online too, so when you need work done you know that you'll be able to see a mechanic quickly.

We also use genuine parts when making repairs. That means that our repair work will hold up, even in tough conditions. Generic parts may seem like a good deal at first, since there are many choices and they're generally less expensive, but they can lack the durability of official components. Rest assured that when we're repairing your Chevy vehicle, we're using Chevy parts. We also offer official accessories and frequent specials, so you can save on the vehicle maintenance you need.

So whether you're shopping for a new vehicle or you're in need of maintenance for your current car, the experts here at our RAM dealership serving West Salem can assist you with all of your automotive needs. Schedule a service appointment at Brenengen Auto Group today!